The company

Sera Scandia A/S is a Danish company dedicated to the production and distribution of products applied in Biotechnology and Nutrition, working through subsidiaries and associated companies around the world.

The Group was founded in Venezuela in 1975 as suppliers of bovine and porcine pancreas glands to Novo Nordisk and later expanded across Latin America and has offices in North America, Europe and China.
The company has become an expert in creating added value for animal by products, specializing in turning animal blood into Food, Feed and Biotechnology products.

Functional Proteins

Our FOOD and FEED Divisions cover animal proteins used for Food and Feed in addition to other ingredients for the Food Processing industry. Our Pharma Division covers Pharmaceutical raw materials.
The FOOD Division includes companies producing egg proteins and meat products and other companies commercializing Food and Feed ingredients complimentary to other products made by the group.
The PHARMA Division includes companies producing bile and heparin.

Cell Culture Products

Sera Scandia A/S provides a unique, diverse and vertically integrated network of serum supply from a wide range of geographical origins representing all GBR groups defined by the European Food Safety Authority.